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Query Execution Flow Architecture (SQL Server)

In this article, we are going to discuss the SQL Server’s query execution flow architecture. When a query gets submitted to SQL Server, it goes through multiple steps before final output. We will discuss all these steps of “Query Execution Flow” starting from query submission to getting output.

As we all know that SQL Server has various components to perform various tasks on the given query. Each component performs some operation and pushes its output to the next component in the pipeline.

Lets understand the query execution flow architecture of DML statements. DDL and DCL statements do not follow optimization steps and gets submitted to storage engine directly after parsing step.

SQL Server Engine Architecture:

Below are the major components of SQL Server;

  1. Relation Engine
    1. Parser
    2. Alzebrizer
    3. Query Optimizer
  2. Storage Engine

Just have a look on the below image and then read the below details carefully;

As we can see … More