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Row mapping and generating equivalent records for given condition in sql server

In this article, i will demonstrate a solution for dynamic row mapping problem in sql server. We will see “row mapping for given condition” with examples and in various way. One of my colleague asked me a question as below;

“I have a table with Male and Female genders and want an output by mapping each Male with a Female and vice versa and in case any Gender has less number of records than another, “NA” should be displayed with opposite Gender name.”

i.e. If i have a table named #Players with columns Name and Gender. Now if table has 3 Males and 2 Females named Ram, Shyam, Amit as males and Sita, Radha as Females, output should be as below;


Not AvailableFemale

Solution :- 1

In this problem we are not going to use any … More