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Convert date range into date list in SQL Server 3

In this post “Convert date range in┬ádate list”, we will convert a given date of range into list of dates as per the business requirement.┬áJust have a look on mentioned demo table which has three columns CustomerID, StartDate and EndDate. I want to generate the date list for the given date range for each customer. For example if we have a entry as CustomerID – “1”, StartDate – “10-Dec-2012” and EndDate – “19-Mar-2013”, then this should return a date list for CustomerID 1 with 4 rows. First row for 10-Dec-12 to 31-Dec-12, Second row for 01-Jan-13 to 31-Jan-13, Third row for 01-Feb-13 to 28-Feb-13 and fourth row for 01-Mar-13 to 19-Mar-13.

Mind that in first row i have started with the actual start date of the given date range and in the last row i have put the end date as actual end date. But if there is … More