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You are welcome at my first tutorial, titled as “SQL Server Tutorial“. If I am not wrong, it seems that you are keen to learn SQL Server database programming. This “SQL Server Tutorial” is specially written for novice programmers. It starts with simple Database concepts and takes a deep dive into T-SQL. You just have to follow this tutorial to learn the skill. Well organised chapters in easy to understand language, complemented with good assignments to work on, should help you acquire the knowledge swiftly.

This SQL Server Tutorial written for Microsoft SQL Server database programming and has its primary focus in T-SQL (Transact SQL, Microsoft proprietary extension to SQL). I have worked a lot to make the content easy to understand, yet impressive. You will get a lot of real life examples, images to understand the concepts in pictures so you will never forget the concepts. Meanwhile, you will get Assignments to test your learning also.

The “SQL Server Tutorial” has chapters organized in a step by step way. I have just begun writing this tutorial and would share all the writings in episodes with you. My apologies if  you may have to wait for the release of the chapter you are searching for. I am trying my best to complete the tutorial as soon as I can.

In case you have any query or suggestions, please do share. Your suggestion will help me to deliver good content. I like all the comments and suggestion on my blogs. You can either use contact us form in the menu or simply you can put your suggestions in comments sections of any post.

Happy learning together!

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Gopal is a passionate Data Engineer and Data Analyst. He has implemented many end to end solutions using Big Data, Machine Learning, OLAP, OLTP, and cloud technologies. He loves to share his experience at https://www.sqlrelease.com/. Connect with Gopal on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ergkranjan/.

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    HI Gopal,

    I have one query, I have table with huge transactions data, when I select any 4/5 columns in that and then do order by clause on varchar value in the same table it’s taking too much time. Please can you help me out what I need to do on this case ?

    Note: I have created clustred/nonclustred index on that specific column, but result was not expected.