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sp_executesql vs execute in SQL Server 4

In this post “SP_EXECUTESQL vs Execute”, we are going to compare sp_executesql and execute in SQL Server. Apart from differences, we will also discuss the similarities between sp_executesql and execute commands. Lets start with few questions like, What is the difference between Execute and sp_ExecuteSQL? How can we execute a T-SQL String? Similarities between Execute and sp_ExecuteSQL. Execute and sp_ExecuteSQL common features. Benefits of sp_ExecuteSQL. Which is better to use sp_ExecuteSQL or EXEC? Execute vs sp_ExecuteSQL.

Let’s discuss these points one by one.

Difference between sp_ExecuteSQL vs Execute


sp_ExecuteSQL is also used to execute a T-SQL string in SQL Server and points are below:

  • It allows parametrization and hence more secure than EXEC command to execute a SQL string dynamically. It’s tough to inject.
  • We don’t need to cast the parameter values as like we need in EXEC command. We simply put the parameter name in T-SQL string as